From 4-13 November, the 7th edition of the Live in Your Living Room
NYC Festival will take place. This year they bring you no one less
than the extremely talented jazz/soul singer Jennie Lena. Jennie's
first international breakthrough was her acoustic version of Katy
Perry's "Firework" in the American Blockbuster "The Interview" (2014).
When in 2016 she reached the finals of The Voice of Holland, Jennie
had been dubbed to have done the greatest The Voice blind audition.
Ever. Worldwide. It only took her one note to turn around all the jury
members of "The Voice" but it gave her millions of fans worldwide. Her
audition at "The Voice of Holland 2016" went viral and got noticed by
Kelly Clarckson, Robin Thicke, Adam Levine and the world's most famous
blogger, Perez Hilton, who wrote admiring words about her stunning
Other bigtime and leading blogs like: 9Gag, Diply and LikeMag wrote
wonderful words about Jennie Lena making her not only the Voice of
Holland, but the Voice of the World.
Recently she topped the Jazz Apple iTunes chart with a cover of Bon
Jovi's 'You Give Love a Bad Name'. During her stay in New York, she
will not only be giving performances on stage. Jenny will also be
making recordings for her upcoming album, due to be released in
December 2016.